6 games to play on Treasure today (Part 1)

Disclaimers: None of this is financial advice, this is simply gaming reviews/coverage/guides and how to play games.

2022 was a year to remember for cryptos and moonbois alike! Treasure, like many other projects had only just started carving a path towards web3 gaming.

Fast-forward to 4Q22 and into 2023, a new quirk of the lack of time to play all those games has started becoming a thing on discord! 2023 is likely to shape into a stellar year for web3 gaming and there are likely even more releases or new features on Treasure to keep everyone beyond busy.

It may not seem like it today, but web3 games will compete for your time and attention vs. web2 in the coming years…

Even today, Treasure offers well over 6 games to play already (and yes, it is not exhaustive! There are more games we will cover!) Today we feature 1 action, 1 strategy, and 1 life-sim for starters.

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  • Genre: Rogue-like Action RPG + Cute pixels
  • Project Status: Live & in development
  • Time commitment: 2-10 minutes daily per NFT
  • Progression loop: Run dungeons, earn loot for cosmetic / housing upgrades
  • What’s to come? Pet egg hatch

It goes without saying that if there was one game on Treasure that sparked the kidults in everyone ranging from CyberKongz to Cool Cats and other communities was definitely Beacon.

A flattish version of an isometric pixel game + Secrets of Mana but without the equipment/stats, the player uses WASD and a mouse to navigate across different maps visiting a tavern to answer a quiz for prizes and a daily dungeon.

The dungeon is rotated each day and offers different stretches of difficulty with commensurate loot rarity rolls. The objective is to reach an endpoint or exit of the map but occasionally surprises with scenario encounters (survive 30 seconds, kill 20 mobs, multiple range mobs, mega mobs with shields…etc.).

The game design is clever and adding a few mobs in the mix between range/shields/AOE usually ends up giving the player a run for his/her money or a change in strategy. On the player side, your basic melee hits ~2 body width spaces and you also can dodge or even do a charge attack which can hit all the way across the map as a ranged projectile.

Some of these dungeons are easy enough, but some are quite brutal. Fortunately, should you feel poorly on a specific dungeon (or day) and just want to get it “done”, there are usually exits earlier on in the map that allows for a loot roll with lower rarity. There are also leaderboards and time-runs for prizes. For those that are rogue-maxis, each Beacon Founding Character NFT offers rewards daily (i.e. if you have 5, you can get 5 rewards daily) – which means a higher character count uses more player time.

Although the dungeons are closed for the time being in the launch of the pet egg hatch event, this is a game that should be frequented over the coming weeks and will stand out to be a key game for players in the Treasure ecosystem.


  • Genre: Economic Strategy
  • Project Status: Live & in development
  • Time commitment: 2-5 minutes daily (multi-action features available)
  • Progression loop: Quest for Treasures & level up for higher tier access, Craft Items to use/sell for $MAGIC
  • What’s to come? Corruption, Harvesters & Guilds
  • Game Guides

When Treasure first launched, this was really the key game that sparked the imagination/development onwards something grander of scale. As of today, BridgeWorld is technically the “console” of the game and pretty much powers all $MAGIC emissions which in turn are used for everything else (you do need $MAGIC to buy other Treasure gaming NFTs right?)

Starting as a gamefi project, the development has been steadily released progressive QoL / improvements towards becoming a more full-fledged game. It goes without saying, this is not a high-touch game as of writing, but is more of a central infrastructure for everything else and will likely see steady content releases in 2023.

Onto the game side, the player can buy a recruit (10 $MAGIC) / Auxiliary Legion (Trove) / Genesis Legion (Also Trove) to quest for Treasure Fragments, Prism Shards & Starlight Essences (usually 1-3 times each day, every 8 hours or so) – all of which are used for leveling and gaining access to tougher zones for better rewards. Gathering enough fragments in turn allows you to make different rarities of Treasure for crafting items that can be sold or used for personal gains.

Artwork is vibrant and beautiful, loops are steady and certainly leans more towards casual play. With persistent effort, recruits become auxiliary legions, fragments become treasures, crafters create rarer items and all of this boils back to the point that the hard work pays off in the form of $MAGIC.

Indeed, BridgeWorld is the center console that provides $MAGIC for everything else and it should be expected that corruption, harvester release, and other features will keep things exciting in the world of Treasure!


  • Genre: Casual Life-sim
  • Project Status: Live & in development
  • Time commitment: 2-5 minutes daily (multi-action features available)
  • Progression loop: Gather $BUGZ, Burn tokens items, quests for logs & build Toad Housing
  • What’s to come? Toad Housing Utility / Upgrades
  • Game Guides

Toadstoolz is a casual life-sim game and has slowly but steadily released content in 2022 from mint, to BUGZ, to shopping, Adventuring and housing in 4Q to close the year. Think simplified Animal Crossing!

For those that seek a cute PFP that lives in a world of “Croakshire” and want to engage casually, this is pretty much the only option available on Treasure. The world is GIF animated, characters have names, and there is even an artist drawing weekly comics, fleshing out the world! It’s simple but charming.

All actions taken do require time (i.e. once you stake for BUGZ in the marshes, you will need to check-in after some time to get sufficient amounts to go on an adventure). Shopping for an axe, and going on an adventure for logs all take time, but all the more it is satisfying to build your own home.

Sometimes, adventures also yield gacha tokens you can use for trophies that range from Treasure cartridge collabs to even other L1 / L2 partners (CyberKongz, EtherOrcs, Kaiju just to name a few).

We should expect 2023 to show a continuation of further utility in housing or trophies. For those that do not seek very active participation, and has PFP-features but lower entry than Smols, this is one of those cartridges that tick quite some boxes.

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