Atlas Mine (PvP)

Already sunset mechanism.

Simply put, this is just defi staking of emissions % and is arguably a legacy mechanism which is less competitive vs. harvesters.

Technically, Atlas Mine sits within PvP as it still does favor the most APR for those with the highest boosts – albeit these emission rates are sharply lower vs. pre-patch (~1/3 only).

With harvesters coming into play, Atlas mine emissions have been reduced by a sizeable share (25-35% of overall emissions as of 9/9/2022) and the other 65% comes from the harvester side.

How do MAGIC emissions work on Atlas Mine after the Harvester patch?

Short version is, Harvesters are a competitive version of Atlas Mine, but due to that very PvP nature, it naturally rugs Atlas Mine emissions – quick diagram of APR gives you a sense (NGMI!)

Tempest will list formulas at the very bottom of this post for theorycrafters, but as of 9/10/2022 writing, the Atlas mine emits only 16% of total emissions (due to just having an average of 20% of all emissions + 20% reduction of those emissions due to insufficient MAGIC being locked.

Use !emissions in the discord for latest Atlas Mine MAGIC emissions.

How do I determine my MAGIC gains or APR?

There are currently no accurate means to determine your share of gains, but generally the highest your boost the more APR, a good reference is MAGICDAO as they hold the king’s share of boosts (unless you are some crazy whale that can beat 1300+% BOOSTS)

Total annual MAGIC emissions were ~7.05% as of writing.

Other Factors that affect Mine emissions

In addition to the above, total % staked affects MAGIC emission ratios per the below table (as of writing 9/11/2022 = 80%):

% of circulating MAGIC stakedMAGIC emissions
less than 30%0%
at least 30%50%
at least 40%60%
at least 50%80%
at least 60%100%

Maximum Boosters Limit

  • You can only stack a number of NFTs for the mine – they are additive in nature:
    • Total Theoretical max: 1715.6% (1000% (pls refer to below LG table) + 315.6% (20 Honey Combs) +400% (12 months)
    • Legion tonnage max = 1000%
    • 20 Treasures (max limit = 315.6% = 20 Honey Combs)

Staking Time Multiplier

Similar to a time deposit, you basically time-lock your MAGIC deposit for a period of time, longer time horizons mean more emissions.

Time lockMAGIC Multiplier
2 weeks1.10x
1 month1.25x
3 months1.80x
6 months2.80x
12 months4.00x

Staking Legion Boosts Multipliers (capped by tonnage)

Locking your Legion NFTs with it increases your gains further, and yes, higher rarity = moar gains

Stacks additively to Legion NFTs – stacks differently vs. Time Multipliers

RarityBoostTonnage (KG)Boost per KGMax Tonnage (200 KG)Max BoostSpare TonnageComments
LG 1/16001205160080Add 2 LG Rare for +400 = 1k
LG Rare200405510000
LG Uncommon100214.76990011Add 1 LG common for +50 = 950
LG Special75164.69129008Add 1 Aux Common + 1 Aux Rare for + 35 = 935
LG Common50114.55189002
Aux Rare255.54.55369002
Aux uncommon1042.5505000
Aux common52.52804000

Stacking Treasures further boosts multipliers (Max 20)

NameMAGIC Boost multiplier
Special Tier
Honey Comb15.78%
Tier One
Bottomless Elixir7.61%
Cap of invisibility7.61%
Ancient Relic7.52%
Tier Two
Thread of Divine Silk7.33%
Bait for Monsters7.30%
Immovable Stone7.24%
Mollusk Shell6.72%
Snow White Feather6.40%
Red Feather6.38%
Ivory Breast Pin6.37%
Divine Hourglass6.34%
Military Stipend6.23%
Bag of Rare Mushrooms6.16%
Tier Three
Small Bird5.99%
Score of Ivory5.95%
Unbreakable Pocketwatch5.93%
Framed Butterfly5.84%
Pot of Gold5.79%
Divine Mask5.71%
Common Bead5.64%
Favor From the Gods5.55%
Jar of Fairies5.33%
Tier Four
Witches Broom5.07%
Common Feather3.38%
Green Rupee3.27%
Common Relic2.15%
Blue Rupee1.53%
Tier Five
Half Penny0.78%
Silver Coin0.78%
Dragon Tail0.77%
Red Rupee0.77%
Gold Coin0.77%
Beetle Wings0.75%
Quarter Penny 0.75%

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