Battlefly: Starter Guide & FAQ

In case you haven’t heard this in the moonboiz channel or other parts of the Treasure discord, rumor has it Battlefly will move into live beta on January 31st, 2023!

Having participated in the alpha, Tempest would like to share a starter guide for those eager to engage PvP for MAGIC and glory.

Pointers to remember

  • Rarer Battleflies come with better “traits” (passive +3% reload speed, or +20% Critical DMG)
  • No Battlefly is unbeatable, you can stomp legendaries or the King of the Hill with the right gear.
  • Commensurately, you gain higher ranking scores from beating better-equipped flies.
  • Top 1% Battleflies of each ladder ranking earn $MAGIC every 24-hours!
  • Nectar can be burned for re-rolls / buffs to increase scavenge rarity & types!

Game loop overview

  • Win = +0.09 MAGIC (Treasury takes 0.01)
  • Lose = +2 Nectar
  • Each win increases the CP score which accordingly increases your ladder ranking.
  • Beating better equipped BattleFlys also gives commensurately higher CP.

How to Battle?

  • Grab a Battlefly on Trove
  • On the top left corner, enter “The Rift”
  • Stake your Battlefly & 5 MAGIC (don’t worry, you get it back if you unstake)
  • Press Enter at the main site which should bring you to “Mission Control” & add the MAGIC you want to wager in battle
  • Click your BattleFly image & hit “Battle Now” Full send to their likely demise.

How to Gacha / Equip Mods?

  • For Gacha, click Scavenge Mods (will burn 5 MAGIC credits)
  • Click on the mod you want to keep and click “Keep Me”, or just click reroll mods / upgrade mod rarity to burn Nectar.
  • Add Mods and just choose a slot (or replace an existing slot item).
  • Click “Change Loadout”
  • Select Mods 1/2/3/4 (1 & 2 are weapons, 3 is defense, 4 is utility) and choose loadout & save.
  • Send them to die all the same!

FAQ (BattleFly TreasureHunt subdomain has the latest)

Where can I see the different gear / mods?

What are those different NFTs?

  • BattleFlys are meant to be sent to battle & participate in the Racer mini-game.
  • Comics are collectibles with exactly comics!
  • Wastelands give royalties of $MAGIC mod purchases from Battleflies
  • V1/V2 offer $MAGIC emissions & gFly from harvesters (yes, the team plays this for you, you lazy bum!)

What are the gacha rarity tables?

  • When you scavenge (Gacha) you spend $5 MAGIC credits to roll one weapon mod and two secondary mods (defense / utility).
  • Note that weapon mods are easier to roll rarer ones than the secondaries!

Weapons Mods

% chance

Secondary Mods

% chance

What is the inventory cap for Mods?

Unlimited! (note – may need to burn some gFly or Treasures for this).

What do we do with spare mods?

Recycle for 20 Nectar!

Can we reroll mod packs?

Yes, as long as you have the nectar (limit of 5 rerolls per mod pack).

I keep losing against this stupid BattleFly!

You can’t fight the same BattleFly within 5 battles.

What is the difference of the Proving Ground vs. Hyperdome?

  • Proving Grounds
    • The place where a moonboi newbFly starts. Kick enough Flybutts and you’re shipped off to the Hyperdome! Fulfill either of below conditions:
    • Condition A: Win streak – win 5 times in a row
    • Condition B: W/L of 60% after a minimum of 20 battles
  • Hyperdome
    • Welcome to the big leagues doomboi! Be it you were dragged here kicking and screaming or valiantly charged through the door, this is where you’ll fight onwards to the eternity of the blockchain.
    • Hyperdome is a competitive PvP ladder, you will be competing for top $MAGIC here.
    • Top 1% gets the a bunch of $MAGIC (in each rank) every 24 hours!

What are the Damage types / counters?

Damage TypeStrong against
FusionHP (DOTs / Direct DMG)
ElectricSystems (CC)

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