Bridgeworld: Start Here

Welcome fren, whether you are here to learn or play, it’s fine to Tempest either way!

First of all, don’t ask Tempest about how Play2Earn, smol brain means there is no financial advice at all on this site. Tempest is a bigger fan of Play2Enjoy – you may still make some MAGIC on the way, but most importantly, have fun!

What game is Bridgeworld (BW)?

Web3 game genres are harder to define in the current state, but if Tempest had to peg a category, then this is a cooldown-based strategy game. Take an action and take another one when the CD ends.

As an overview, BW is the key MAGIC emissions infrastructure for games, guilds and all players. In context, Tempest will only focus on the game aspect.

There are various ways to play, but there are essentially two broad types of gameplay: PvE and PvP

PvE Gameplay

In simple terms, you own legion(s) and send them on various tasks (which incur cooldown), and in return:

  • Quest for Recruit (8 hours) for EXP, some loot and a chance to become Aux Legion
  • Quest for Aux Legions (8 hours- 3 days) for EXP and some loot.
  • Quest for Genesis Legions (8 hours- 22.5 hours) for EXP and some loot
  • Craft (0-2 days) for crafting EXP and item NFTs
  • Summon (7-10 days) more legion NFT frens – currently disabled
  • Upgrade (instant) stronker legion for quests via something called ‘Constellation’
  • Trading (instant) just list/buy/arbitrage on Trove marketplace for MAGIC gains (or loss)

PvP Gameplay

Technically, whatever you did in PvE may end up with an impact on the PvP-side.

This part here is not meant for smolfish, but in a simplistic world,it is the heart of Treasure’s ecosystem that powers all games and favour’s the strongest but culls the weakest.

  • Atlas Mine (Just Staking): More of a sunset mechanism now, but you can still get MAGIC and stack legions/treasure for higher % emissions. Very simpz (can’t you just go do Pancake swap instead?)
  • Harvesters (Competitive craft/stake):
    • Maxi-craft (or ape Trove) for Harvester parts and Extractors to max MAGIC emissions at expense of others!
    • Some fun examples to consider:
      • Do you ever fathom joining a guild and stealing others’ economic gains? This pretty much does that.
      • Can’t beat that whale for MAGIC emissions? Go join a guild and proxy-rug them instead!
      • Big game dev that has a fat stack of royalties and wants to help their players? Stack them buffs for more MAGIC!
      • Big whale sad face got bullied? Whale harder, get MOAR parts, and let them smell feet!

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