Corruption Crypts & Corruption Crafting

Should you have finished reading about the Corruption Overview and already have a Malevolent Prism, this is the path to crafting that Corruption so you can sell evil to the highest bidder, or use it yourself to deter others in Bridgeworld.

The path to doing this? By playing Corruption Crypts.

How to play?

The game itself is relatively simple and below the infographic should be quite explanatory on the steps.

A few more pointers on top of the infographic

  • You always need to target a harvester (ideally the one you dislike) and reach it from a starting point.
  • Other harvesters don’t do anything once you targeted one.
  • You must draw & place tiles first before putting your army (max 5).
  • It is suggested to bring a genesis legion if you have one or a level 3 crafter (since you can’t craft corruption without it)
  • First 1,500 legions that reach the destination can craft corruption (if not you can sit there and just “divert corruption” more below)

Crafting Corruption

Were you the first 1,500? Did you make it? Time to craft evil!

First of all – you will need either a genesis legion or aux legion with craft Level 3 or higher to craft & one Malevolent Prism per army.

Second of all – time is important – you only get 30 minutes to craft once you arrive at the harvester and are the first 1500. Missed 30 minutes? No crafting for you!

Finally, different legions get a set % out of the total corruption pool (dripped at 8,000 corruption / hour) based on the below table (higher corruption likely will trade on Trove for more).

Legion RarityPercentage of Total Corruption Pool
Genesis (1/1)3.5%
Genesis Rare2.5%
Genesis Uncommon1.5%
Genesis Special1.25%
Genesis Common1.0%
Aux Rare0.55%
Aux Uncommon0.53%
Aux Common0.5%

Diversion Formula

Apparently, there is a consolation prize should you not be within the 1,500.

In the WP, there is a reference to “Diversion / Divert to others…etc.” – this essentially means you CAN at least divert more corruption to a specific harvester to slow those guys down (Social / Guild PvP at work).

All you have to do is just sit there and let the round end / reset! While you wait, you will be diverting corruption to your target (do note – you HAVE to be sitting on the target).

Formula: (1 + %legions_at_harvester_tile) * default_corruption_rate_to_harvester

In simpler terms, the more legions on a harvester (in the Corruption Crypts game), the more diverted corruption.

As an example, if the Corruption rate is 10,000 / hour on harvesters and 100% of the legion population sat on Shinoba, Shinoba would basically get hit by 20,000 per hour. alternatively, 50% legions population implies 15,000 per hour.

Below table for reference

% of legions on specific harvesterCorruption Multiplier

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