Game Guide: SmithyDAO (By DustStorm)

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What is this game about?

  • Interoperable crafting layer of TreasureDAO building the world of Smithonia as a proof of concept
  • Gather and Quest for Resources to upgrade Living Weapon NFTs
  • Turn resources in for Restoration Points to climb the seasonal leaderboard
  • Forge into even more powerful weapons with Smithonian NFTs
  • Golden Harvest, race to collect as much gold as you can before the timer runs out in this classic Dungeon Crawler.
  • Card Crawler, earn more gold in this Solitaire like Card based Dungeon Crawler

What is SmithyDAO?

  • SmithyDAO aims to be the interoperable crafting layer of the TreasureDAO.
  • Where many projects and games focus on Character progression and lore, items, and gear tend to get left behind. Often much of the gear earned in games is thrown away as soon as a slightly better piece drops.
  • SmithyDAO aims to change that by making gear that you can upgrade through their platform and they’re building the world of Smithonia around it as a proof of concept.
  • Everything you do in Smithonia contributes to the lore and progression of the Living Weapons NFTs.

Where to start? The Living Weapons (NFTs)

12,300 Living Weapons NFTs were minted in April 2022. Of which there are seven primary weapon types and one 1/1.

  • 3,689 Daggers
  • 2,706 Axes
  • 2,337 Warhammers
  • 1,476 Bows
  • 1,107 Swords
  • 615 Wands
  • 369 Staffs
  • 1 Smithy Blades

Got Weapon – what’s next?

You may earn resources as well as experience to level up with your weapons.

Weapon types do not matter in the Gathering, everything is determined by the level of your weapon and difficulty level: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Naturally, harder levels offer better rewards.

Once a Weapon is staked it can not be unstaked until the time is up.

  • Easy – 7 days
  • Medium – 15 days
  • Hard – 30 day

Refer to the table below for drop rates: To promote staking continually, the experience will be gained in a Streak System. Each time you send your Weapons out to gather they step up one step and gain more XP. If you don’t stake for 24 hours after finishing a run you only move back one step rather than have to start over.

What to do with loot?

After gathering Resources you may exchange them for Restoration Points in Resource Contribution.

Restoration Points may then be attributed to the Weapon of your choice. All Restoration Points attributed will move with that weapon afterward so it’s advised to not sell that weapon until the season is over.

Restoration Points contribute to your ranking on the Leaderboard for each 3 Month Season. The top 50 Weapons with the most RP attached to them at the end of a season earn a cut of 50% of secondary $MAGIC revenue earned during that Season.

  • Rank 1 earns 8.5%
  • Rank 2 earns 7%
  • Rank 3 earns 6%
  • Rank 4-10 earn 5% each
  • Rank 11-50 earn 1.1% each

The top 100 will also recieve an updated Silver, Gold, or Diamond frame on the Weapon NFT itself depending on their rank. (Below was seasons 1)

Smithy Pass gib boosts (Premium Play)

Each 3 month Season you may mint an untradable Smithy Pass for special bonuses.

  • No Fail Rate During Gathering
  • XP & Gold Boost
  • Access to Partnership Quests & Rewards
  • Access to the Beta Zone
  • Access to Exclusive Mini Games

If you were lucky enough to buy an OG Smithy Pass in April 2022 you never have to renew your Pass.

All other passes expire after the season ends. I advise anyone hoping to Rank on the leaderboard each season to renew theirs for a much better chance.

You may Mint a Smithy Pass here:

During Season 2 the first 2000 passes minted earn a free mint to the Smithonians mint. OG passes earn 3 free mints and 2 more if they mint a Season 2 pass as well.

Smithonians (Upcoming mint NFT heroes)

5000 Smithonians will mint in Q1 2023 for .04 eth each.

There are seven classes of Smithonians, each paired with a Living Weapon.

  • Assassin: Dagger
  • Blacksmith: Axe
  • Enchanter: Warhammer
  • Archer: Bow
  • Knight: Sword
  • Mage: Wand
  • Summoner: Staff

Each class will be able to Forge two of their paired weapon type into a more powerful weapon.

You will eventually be able to play as your Smithonian in mini games like the Golden Harvest.

Game type: Card Crawler

The Smithonia Card Crawler is a Solitaire like Card based Dungeon Crawler in which you can collect Gold and, eventually, Prisms for Forging.

You will be able to play as one of three different races with different stats and access to different weapons in the game.

  • Health: Total Health of your Playerr. Once this reaches 0 it is Game Over and you are Defeated.
  • Damage: This is how much Damage you will inflict on an enemy when you attack them. It can be modified throughout the game. Evasion: A higher number Means you have more chance of Evading a Counterattack by an Enemy. Your Evasion will change in the game depending on potions you use and Weapons you Wield.
Dwarf1302010Axe, Dagger, Warhammer
Human1152510Staff, Sword, Wand
Elf1002020Bow, Dagger, Staff

Treasure Chest drops:

  • Potion of Glibness: Increase Evasion
  • Potion of Replenishment: Fully Restores Health
  • Anvil: Increases Damage by 1
  • Scroll of Firestorm:  Deals Fire Damage to the targeted enemy
  • Scroll of Glacier: Deals Ice Damage to the targeted enemy
  • Scroll of ThunderStorm: Deals Lightning Damage to the targeted enemy

Game Type: Golden Harvest

Golden is a Roguelike game where you endure waves of monsters increasing in difficulty to collect as much Gold as you can and return to the gate without dying.

In current early access, you are only able to play as a Dwarf Smithonian with an Axe, and is open to everyone to try.

Future versions will require a Smithonian and Living Weapon NFT and will have different abilities for each weapon.

Each monster you defeat drops experience and has a chance to drop a piece of Gold. Every time you level up from collecting experience you are given the option to increase one of 5 randomly selected abilities.

There are 8 possible options in total.

  • Vital Boost: Max Health +20
  • Swiftness: Movement Speed +50 Over
  • Power: Damage +20
  • Flurry: Attack Speed +10%
  • Vicious Strikes: Critical Chance +5
  • Heavy Hitter: Critical Damage +50
  • Blastforge Impact: KnockBack Damage +25
  • Reverberating Blast: KnockBack Force +50

What to expect in 2023?

*Quests Est Q1-Q2 2023

Quests are Stories that will help to flesh out the World of Smithonia and drive the story forward while giving rewards to players who complete them.

Each Quest will have requirements that will scale up as the world progresses. These requirements can vary from owning a specific weapon like a Dagger or owning a Sword with 500 XP, to having a Warhammer, Dagger, and Sword with 500 XP each and an entrance fee of 300 Gold and 10 Bones.

After a new Quest is released players will have a two week Reward Period in which they can stake their weapon(s) to earn the associated rewards. The Weapons will remain staked until the period is over. The later you stake in the period the smaller the rewards will be.

Quests will remain repeatable afterwardc but not yield any more rewards.

Rewards will vary from Experience, Gold, Living Weapon NFTs, NFTs from partnered projects, and off-chain rewards usable in future Quests. Some examples of Off-Chain Rewards would be Potions, Rope, Torches, and Maps.

Off-chain rewards will remain off-chain for the first three months of gameplay to minimize the risk of exploits and build a more robust questing and reward system. Once that 3 month period is over most off-chain resources will have the option to be turned into NFTs to be traded.

*The Forge Est End of Q1 2023

In the Forge you will be able to combine 2 of the same type of weapon into a more powerful Weapon using the correct Smithonian and Prism.

Prisms will be earnable through Mini Games like the Card Crawler and Gold Harvest.

*The Chapel: Est Q1-Q2 2023

Once the Chapel is released you will be able to exchange Resources for Weapon Experience. Higher tiers of resources will earn more XP.

•The Gatekeeper: Est Q1-Q2 2023

Bridge the Resources you earn on and off-chain to sell on marketplaces like Trove or Opensea.

*Gold Shop Est Q2-Q3 2023

Trade your hard-earned in-game gold for NFTs and other alternative rewards. Being that Gold is off-chain, only attainable by playing the game, this is to reward active and loyal players.

*Tavern: Est Q3-Q4 2023

In the Tavern you will be able to Gamble your Gold. They will offer classic games such as Poker and Dice to play against other players. This is low on the priority list and will only be developed after Skills and Adventures have been finalized.

*Companions: Est Q4 2023 – Q1 2024

Companions will be separate NFTs that will provide a bonus to Gold earning and more. You will only be able to earn a Companion NFT through Quests. Different Weapons will have higher likelihoods of different companion drops. For example, Wands and Staffs will be more likely to come across magical Animals such as Dragons or Hippogriffs, while Daggers would be more likely to find a Toad or a Rat. Each Companion will earn somewhere in the range of a 1%-10% Gold Bonus depending on Rarity. This concept is still being expanded and will see increased utility by release.

Smithonia Map UI

  • Gathering Location: Stake your Weapons.
  • Resource Contribution: Exchange Resources for Restoration Points.
  • Well of Coins: Earn 1-5 Gold daily.
  • The GateKeeper: Bridge your Resources on and off-chain. (TBA)
  • The Chapel: Exchange Resources for Weapon Experience. (TBA)
  • Sealed Gate: Send your Weapon on Quests(TBA)
  • Daily Avatar: (TBA)

Sidebar UI

  • Inventory: Shows Weapons, Restoration Points, Gold, and Passes Owned.
  • Claim Rewards: Unstake Weapons, check pending time on stake.
  • LeaderBoard: Seasonal Rankings
  • Whitepaper: Links to Whitepaper
  • Marketplace: Link to Trove Marketplace for Weapons NFTs
  • Buy Magic: Guide on how to buy $MAGIC
  • Help: Read the Lore behind Smithonia.

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