Harvesters War (Overview)

Harvesters war is in the initial launch stages and this page will be subject to change as corruption and new game layers increase.

For now, there are basically 2 levels of game layer that occurs:

This is a very complex mechanism, as such Tempest will simplify most of it but leave theory-craft links for those interested.

Theory-craft link

Overall Infographic (2 game layers)

How do MAGIC emissions work on Harvesters?

Assuming all harvesters have an equal mining power, these are the theoretical emission rates for each harvester entity and as you can see, it is much higher vs. Atlas Mine.

Of course, the world isn’t flat and it’s not too possible for every harvester to have the same mining power! This feeds into the competitive PvP aspects (more below).

Use !emissions in the discord for latest Harvester/Atlas Mine MAGIC emissions.

Harvester caps

Basic gameplay is a competition (As of 9/16/2022) to stack harvester parts and deposit MAGIC as quickly to maximize MAGIC emissions at harvester level.

Following that, it boils down to competitive mining power competition which is the social PvP layer.

  • Harvester Parts cap per wallet: 40
  • MAGIC cap per wallet (1 Harvester Part = 30k quota): 1.2 mn
  • Harvester Parts cap per harvester: 500
  • MAGIC cap per harvester: 6 mn

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