Harvesters War (PvP – guild)

Harvesters are the new game on the block for Bridgeworld. Harvester wars take place at a guild (social PvP) layer and a player layer that functions closer to Atlas Mine.

This piece focuses on the guild layer.

Think of this as a competitive version of Atlas Mine with big clashes between guilds, whales, and game cartridges to maximize MAGIC emissions for their own purposes/machinations.

This is a very complex mechanism, as such Tempest will simplify most of it but leave theory-craft links for those interested.

Theory-craft link

How does PvP factor into Harvesters at Guild level?

In a peaceful world, the above graph is probably how it would look until you get people with different motivations banding together to take more gains.

Basically, the groups that stack the highest boost % and use the most extractors take the lion’s share of emissions. Theory-craft link

The below infographic is a simple visualization of what happens in reality along with the formula (basically stronker mining power steals more emissions vs. others).

Minimum MAGIC to activate Harvester emissions

In addition to the above, total % staked affects MAGIC emission ratios similar to the Atlas Mine (in theory it means 4.8 mn MAGIC must be staked in any single harvester to achieve maximum emissions.

% of circulating MAGIC stakedMAGIC emissions
less than 30%0%

Maximum Theoretical Limit

  • In the event you are a galaxy whale, these are the theoretical limits you can achieve in terms of mining power
  • Because these are competitive harvester wars – these numbers would also divide by the total harvesters in play
  • Regardless, if you ever achieve this, you will be getting lion’s share of MAGIC emissions.
  • Extractors as you can see play a big part in the emissions – keep them burning!
  • The formulas used are quite complex, Tempest suggests referring to theory-link for details – but basically rarer legions stack = moar win
RarityRank Boost
Genesis 1/14
Genesis Rare4
Genesis Uncommon3
Genesis Special2
Genesis Common1.5
Aux Rare1.2
Aux Uncommon1.1
Aux Common1

Maximum Extractor Limit

  • You can burn up to 10 extractors that last 3 hours each. (Stacks additively)
    • Small Extractor = 20% Boost
    • Medium = 25% Boost
    • Large = 30% Boost
    • Total Theoretical max: 300% every 3 hours

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