Summoning Guide

How does summoning work?

  • Summoning is a straight-forward
    • Pay 300 (Genesis) /500 MAGIC (Aux)
    • Choose to burn a small/medium/large Prism for % chance and reduce CD from 10 days to as low as 7 days.
    • Depending on demand/supply, success rate % varies (you CAN fail summons – as of writing 9/7/2022 – 2% fail chance only)
    • Fortunately, if you fail you are refunded MAGIC plus your Prism!
  • For quite some time, summoning has only been viable for Genesis Legions due to aux floor prices of around 300 MAGIC
  • Image of your legion will be randomized as will background colors.
  • There is also a 0.01% chance of max level constellations or drop of Azurite dust (unknown utility; low probability event)

Prism buff rates

  • Let’s face it, if you had to pay up a bit of MAGIC for % chance of hitting rares, that degen inside of you will do it!
  • Upon successful summon, these consumables get burnt. When failz = refund, fair game, not ruggy.
  • Another factor is Prisms reduce cooldown to as low as 7 days – save those 3 days for quest or crafts! (always use large prism!)
Common %
Uncommon %
Rare %
Small-6%+4%+2%12 hours
Medium-10%+6%+4%36 hours
Large-14%+8%+6%72 hours

Genesis Legion Drop Rates (Bracket = with Large Prism buff)

  • Tempest’s opinion, just burn a large prism for Genesis summons and save 3 days (time is money fren!)
  • Those uncommon/rare aux have same utility on questing to common for now, – but this may change in the future.
  • In the meantime, those rarer legions do offer a staking % bonus
  • When you have summoned more than 5 legions, your sixth legion onwards requires 5 balancer crystals
Summoned Rarity
Common90% (76%)9% (17%)1% (7%)
Special85% (71%)12% (20%)3% (9%)
Uncommon80% (66%)15% (23%)5% (11%)
Rare75% (61%)18% (26%)7% (13%)
Legendary70% (56%)20% (28%)10% (16%)

Aux Legion Drop Rates (Bracket = with Large Prism buff)

  • Generally, don’t suggest burning Prisms on Aux summons, and it’s 500 MAGIC vs. Trove listings of 300 MAGIC – something maybe for the next bull market? sadge
  • You can only summon once and that’s it!
Summoned Rarity
Common100% (86%)0% (8%)0% (6%)
Uncommon95% (81%)5% (13%)0% (6%)
Rare90% (76%)9% (17%)1% (7%)

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