Legion Upgrade (Constellation)

How do Constellation upgrades work?

  • Constellations improve your effective gains over time for quest fragments by two ways:
    • 1) They reduce your chance of increased CD for auxiliary legions by a wide margin if you hit level 7
    • 2) Enables you to bring one treasure for Triad per level for max drop % chance. (Max level = 7 treasures you can bring on quest)
  • For Genesis legions, they have less use but you will still need them for bringing Treasures (at least level 2-3 makes sense)

Constellation LevelStarlight NeededPrisms NeededStasis roll chance (net effect)
2381 x Small24%
3562x Small22%
4843x Small20%
51271x Medium15%
61902x Medium10%
72851x Large5%

Elemental Affinities

The short version to remember:

  • Corruption Canyon: Fire / Earth
  • Desert Ruins: Water / Wind
  • Icy Ascent: Dark / Light

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