Primer: Where is MAGIC? (3/3)

Assuming you had read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, hopefully, you are convinced (or at least understand) the proposition Treasure offers that can be unique or different vs. what is out there in the current web3 gaming universe due to infrastructure and economies of scale.

Perhaps, you already are thinking of where can you seek this elusive MAGIC to play games? (Asides from fiat onramps). Below are some inklings of where to look.

Note, you will still need some MAGIC initially to get started.

Usual disclaimers: There is no financial advice here, this site is primarily game coverage / guides – wrong place for money!

Source of MAGIC: Bridgeworld Harvesters

When one reads the Treasure website, one may quickly notice a few sentences on “Games powered by Magic”. The reality is while you can fiat or use a DEX to swap into MAGIC, there are actually ways to access MAGIC emissions via gameplay.

This is actually under a game you can play in the game lists – namely Bridgeworld (which is pretty much what TreasureHunt is about on the main site!)

Pretty graphics aside, it is not the most active of games (and that’s OK), so don’t expect to be playing DOTA or LoL for MAGIC here – but it is pretty much a time-based strategy game with casual play. The real secret to gaining MAGIC is via Harvesters access (note to self: it’s REALLY hard)!

Should you be the lucky few with access to any harvester, you can play competitively for direct MAGIC fun!

Should you be the common folk (like Tempest) without access, fret not! There are still other ways to gain MAGIC indirectly!

Indirect Source #1: Play Bridgeworld Legions

Here’s something you should know…playing Harvesters involves staking legions or treasures (or even burning them now with Corruption in play!)

By Questing away on your legions (or Crafting), you can sell these treasures/consumables to others playing Harvesters for MAGIC on Trove.

Questing is generally a low-commitment play with gradual treasures for rewards.

Crafting does take some mid-high commitment due to Treasures breaking, but with more lucrative rewards in the end-game (Extractors – which sell for a pretty penny).

It is worth keeping in mind that Recruits can be promoted to Aux and the minimum floor on Aux legion is ~150 MAGIC from a production cost perspective.

Indirect Source #2: Play Treasure Cartridges

Wait, you can get MAGIC somehow by playing other games?? (That’s a big part of the premise bruh!)

No one has unlimited time to grind-finity-works for MAGIC (or for that matter, any other tokens). Here’s a bunch to consider with commitment levels (note usually more commitment = moar rewards):

Games with harvester exposure (Indirect)

ProjectCommitment RewardsWhat to do?
Battlefly FlywheelLow (Stake some MAGIC)MAGIC via BF FlywheelUse gFly to boost MAGIC multipliers.
Battlefly V1/V2 FoundersLowMAGIC via BF FlywheelJust get one & stake
Smols + Smol LoveLow (Stake 50 MAGIC per NFT)MAGIC via BF FlywheelGet on knees, propose & marry!
(You can divorce too 🙁 )
RealmLow-MediumMAGIC via harvestersOwn Realms, build & compete leaderboards
(Depends on FCs #)
?Diamond GBP – has future access to harvester.

How do the other games work then?

While other games don’t have harvester access, no access should not mean unworthy by any means!

You can still trade their drops/loot for MAGIC via Trove.

Tales of Elleria in particular deserves a special mention as this was the first cartridge involving MAGICSwap which allows for exchanging ELM into MAGIC (and vice-versa). Game-depth here and the difficulty curve do climb and offer a bit of everything for everyone. Leaderboards in particular offer very attractive MAGIC rewards + rare limited items, as does harder difficulty quests that offer more ELM (Which you can either use or exchange like game credits). Oh, did I mention you can craft rare items to sell for a pretty penny too?

In fact, if you look at all these other games (Some of them mentioned here and here ) that offer different forms of commitment/gameplay – most loot here (especially rarer ones) can be sold on Trove!

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