Questing Guide (Recruit)

Does striking Treasure perk your interest?

Welcome to Brdigeworld, this guide is your entry to the long path towards becoming stronker legion!

Hopefully you make some MAGIC in the process too!

Recruit’s Path

  • Short version – quest 194x to get to level 8 (earn some frags in the process)
  • Make some loot you can sell in the process and finally…
  • Once you hit level 8, attempt to ascend your recruit to become an aux legion (low % chance roll)
  • If you win the lottery, grats! you made an aux legion you can either keep questing /craft with or sell!
  • As long as you keep engaging, this will work but be prepared it is a very long journey.

What lewt for quests?

Questing is the bread and butter of BridgeWorld.

Collect 12 pieces of the same tier/element treasure fragments to craft into one treasure – with that you can then::

How to Recruit?

  • Go to Barracks
  • Pay 10 MAGIC to Recruit
  • Go to Ivory Tower => Choose an area => Start Questing (7.5 hours)
  • Areas don’t matter for Recruits, any work.

Choose your Profession! (Level 3)

  • At level 3, you can promote to a Cadet type below, which will further allow you to roll/evolve into specific Aux Legion classes :
  • Cadet bonus: 5% chance increase for T5 fragments!

How to Ascend to Aux Legion?

  • Go to Barracks
  • Pay 150 MAGIC for a % chance to ascent to aux legion (according to the profession)
  • There are 2 ascension spots per day (more recruits ascending = lower % chance)
  • As an example, if 50 are ascending today, your chance of ascending is 2% that day.
  • Upon success, you get an Aux legion depending on your profession above.
  • Upon fail, your 150 MAGIC is refunded and you can try again.

Fragment Drop Formula (Only T5)

There are 5,000 available fragments in the pool but is subject to an exponential decline. It is replenished overtime each month.

Cadets – Level 3 (or higher) get a 5% boost on roll chance (multiplicative).

The specific formula for you smarty pants below.

(Below maths assume 5,000 recruit questoors)

Treasure Fragments LeftTreasure Fragments Dropped% chance for fragment lewt% chance (level 3)

The chance of earning a Treasure Fragment = 1/(1 + (N/k * s)^2)

  • N = the number of recruits questing
  • s = a settable constant set to 1
  • k = the number of items in the pool at the time of ending the quest.

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