Questing Guide (Aux Legions)

Quester’s Path

  • Short version – quest 20x to get to level 3
  • Once you hit level 3, hold some Treasures and play Triad for best lewt access!
  • Stasis very rugz, upgrade legions & bring treasure much halpz.
  • Also drops Essence of Starlight / Prism Shards (Crafting / Constellation materials) and 0.001% chance of Universal Lock.
  • Game loop at level 3 – Quest for 22.5 hours (plus stasis risks)
  • Higher quest levels = higher loot quality and drop rates over time
  • Quests come in 3 parts, depending on the level and your objectives, you can choose to quest up to part 1/2/3.
  • Part 3 yields the highest returns + T1-5 treasure fragment access (T1 is best)

What can questing do for you?

Questing is the bread and butter of BridgeWorld.

Collect 12 pieces of the same tier/element treasure fragments to craft into one treasure – with that you can then::

  • Bring for questing and playing Triad
  • Crafting (and break some in the process)
  • Sell them on Trove for others to quest/break.
  • Drop rates were changed since The Cappening

Fragment Drop Formula

  • Multiplicative formula with bonuses below (bottom-line if base drop rate is low, likelihood to score fragments won’t be much higher.
  • Base Drop rate % x (1 + QuestingLvlBonus + CardFlipBonus + GenesisLegionBonus)
  • Tier 1-5 drops are independent rolls (meaning 22.5 hours quests gives you 5 rolls)
  • As a rough measure, most BW players report ~15-20% drop chance range on average (no stats on specific fragments)
  • The formulas are rather complex, but please refer below for some sense of drop rates

Fragment Drop Buffs (Levels)

Higher quest levels = more treasure fragment drop chance:

Quest LevelFragment bonus

Fragment Drop Buffs (Triad card flips)

Higher quest levels = more treasure fragment drop chance:

Cards FlippedFragment bonus

Treasure Fragment Drop Table (50% supply assumption – no buffs)

Drop rates assuming 20k questoors + 50% of that tier’s supply is left (pls refer to Cappening for more details)

Treasure FragmentsFragments leftPart 1Part 2Part 3

Treasure Fragment Drop Table (30% supply assumption – no buffs)

Drop rates assuming 20k questoors + 30% of that tier’s supply is left (pls refer to Cappening for more details)

Treasure FragmentsFragments leftPart 1Part 2Part 3

How does questing work? How to optimize?

  • For optimization, it is suggested to just use Part 1/2 as max rolls for T4-5 (highest drop rates).
  • The alternative is to use part 3 to attempt rolls for T1/2 (Albeit drop rates are very low here)
  • Basically, each zone favors different classes and different elements. Should you choose to quest up to ‘Part 3’, then stasis and Triad comes into play (more below).
  • Corresponding zones that have specific profession requirements drop specific profession treasures (i.e. Corruption Canyon drops Alchemy/Arcana fragments)
  • Classes can’t be changed for your NFT, if you’re a warrior, you will remain one, but elements can be changed via constellations (below).

How does Stasis work?

There are 3 phases of questing and 3 regions each with corresponding elements and favoring different classes.

Without Constellations to protect your legion, they will sometimes get stuck in “Stasis” which basically increases your CD by 4.5 hours during sections 1/2 of quests.

Quest SectionTime Needed (hours)Stasis ChanceStasis reduction method
(+4.5 hours)
Constellations level up
(more below)
(+4.5 hours)
Constellations level up
(more below)
37.5Depends on Corruption cards
(+24-48 hours GG!)
Treasures neutralize Corruption

How do Constellation upgrades work?

Should you get sick and tired of random stasis RNG rugging your wellness and your legion from CD uncertainty, these upgrades are for you and help notably reduce stasis issues (to the maxi-wellness level of 5% chance).

You will need Constellation levels to bring treasures for Triad (suggestion – get to level 2-3 to avoid corruption)

Determine your legion’s “play-area”, set your element, and start maxing it!

Constellation LevelStarlight NeededPrisms NeededStasis roll chance
(net effect)
Part 3 Quest
Treasure Allowance
2381 x Small24%2
3562x Small22%3
4843x Small20%4
51271x Medium15%5
61902x Medium10%6
72851x Large5%7

How to play Triad?

Should you finish part 3 of questing, you will have the ability to play ‘Triad’ to complete the quest.

Basically, it’s a card game with four directions (top/bottom/left/right) as long as you have a Treasure that has a higher value than the opposition cards in the corresponding direction, then you can ‘flip’ them.

Flipping them either saves you from corruption (purple tiles) or gives you moar lewt (+5% chance per flip for treasure fragments)!

In any case, you will want to be flip-maxi on this stuff (bring treasures! Pls refer to the advanced strategies section – coming soon – for moar)

Extra-note: Tempest suggests to clear corrupt tiles first as they add BIG CD to your quester – very rugz! I’d rather get 12 hours of wellness than +3% lewt.

Treasures Lists & Affinities

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