Triad: Corruption Cannons

If you absolutely hate corruption and have some crazy thing with crushing Triads every single day, this is the build for you on Corruption Canyons!

Triad Top Tips (Always always ALWAYS, remember these)

  • You will at most encounter 2 corruption tiles.
  • You will at most encounter 3 cards you can flip (max +9% loot chance)
  • Alchemy & Arcana-focused play here – you can get a +1 stat buff for the right tile-mix too!
  • Bring Ranged/Siege/Caster
  • Earth/Fire constellations, bring as needed to avoid part 1/2 stasis.


  • Donkeys not required as you have a strong mix of offsets below.
  • Score of Ivory will serve you well on up/down.
  • Cow is NOT an affinitive profession but serves the same purpose vs. the +6 on T3 Alch/Arc with bonus up/right.
  • Common Bead is already the strongest tiering (up to tier 3) for down.
  • Divine mask is quite all-purpose as well.

Treasure Loot Available

CP / Drop Table

NameTierTypeUpDownLeftRightTotal (CP)Drops
Castle1Alchemy357621Part 3
Ivory Breastpin2Alchemy336719Part 3
Thread of Divine Silk2Arcana734519Part 3
Divine Hourglass2Arcana427619Part 3
Score of Ivory3Alchemy752115Part 2-3
Common Bead3Alchemy166215Part 2-3
Divine Mask3Arcana553619Part 2-3
Unbreakable Pocketwatch3Arcana663217Part 2-3
Green Rupee4Alchemy513110Part 1-2
Common Relic4Arcana623213Part 1-2
Emerald5Alchemy553215Part 1-2
Diamond5Alchemy261110Part 1-2
Pearl5Arcana612110Part 1-2

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