Triad: Desert Ruins

Desert Ruins – a different quest area. Bring different treasures for maxi-loot!

Triad Top Tips (Always always ALWAYS, remember these)

  • You will at most encounter 2 corruption tiles.
  • You will at most encounter 3 cards you can flip (max +9% loot chance)
  • Smithing & Leatherworking professions play here – you can get a +1 stat buff for the right tile-mix too!
  • Bring Ranged/Assassin/Siege/Warrior
  • Water/Wind constellations, bring as needed to avoid part 1/2 stasis.


  • For some reason, Smithing is quite weak on T3-5s but becomes OP in T2 or higher.
  • For budget purposes, Leatherwork T3s are used in most instances but suffer from weaker left/rights
  • As such just use any treasures that are 5 or higher for the weaker left/right directionals.
  • Donkeys are back! They’re cheap and efficient all-purpose!
All Purpose

Treasure Loot Available

CP / Drop Table

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