Triad: Treasure Best-in-Slots (BiS)

Tempest is smolfish so sadly no T1-2 treasure surplus for inventory.

Yet, you will still need some stronk treasures to play Triad and minimize that pesky corruption!

This guide will feature the best treasures to bring and also the best for value/stronkest directional combos!

More advanced guides coming!

Triad Top Tips (Always always ALWAYS, remember these)

  • You will at most encounter 2 corruption tiles.
  • You will at most encounter 3 cards you can flip (max +9% loot chance)
  • In theory, this means you are pretty safe with a bare minimum of 2 treasures to avoid corruption (hopefully matching that specific zone’s profession requirements).

Best MAGIC:bang ratio (T4 Donkey)

  • Trusty donkz has been thru thick and thin with Tempest’s level 5 questooor (until nitwit craftooor broke it last week! much angry!)
  • The key draw here is your 5s on all 4 sides + it’s only T4 (Save much MAGIC for other fun stuff).
  • More often than not, opposing tiles aren’t clumped together, there is usually a decent chance your donkey will pull thru for you.
  • You may or may not agree, but smolfish don’t hold much treasures, jack of all trades seem to be a better trade-off in early/mid-game.

Stronkest Up-Down-Left-Right (ex-Special tiers)

Tier 1Tier 1Tier 1Tier 1

Weakest Avengers

  • Tempest couldn’t help it!
  • These things are a match made in heaven for your clumsy craftooor!
  • Green Rupee is T4, less dented feelz for breaking one!
  • Just kidding, they do have some purpose, but overall cheap and efficient. They are featured in the budget-trinity

CP Table

Want to find the strongest up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right? Here you go!

NameTierTypeUpDownLeftRightTotal (CP)
Ancient Relic1Brewing753722
Cap of Invisibility1Smithing253818
Bottomless Elixir1Enchanting477220
Military Stipend2Smithing744419
Bag of Rare Mushrooms2Leatherworking665522
Ivory Breastpin2Alchemy336719
Thread of Divine Silk2Arcana734519
Immovable Stone2Enchanting556622
Red Feather2Brewing263718
Divine Hourglass2Arcana427619
Mollusk Shell2Leatherworking147618
Snow White Feather2Enchanting673218
Bait for Monsters2Brewing761317
Score of Ivory3Alchemy752115
Common Bead3Alchemy166215
Divine Mask3Arcana553619
Unbreakable Pocketwatch3Arcana663217
Small Bird3Leatherworking735116
Pot of Gold3Smithing455519
Jar of Fairies3Enchanting632617
Framed Butterfly3Enchanting731516
Favor from the Gods3Brewing535619
Green Rupee4Alchemy513110
Common Relic4Arcana623213
Blue Rupee4Enchanting613313
Common Feather4Enchanting643114
Witches Broom4Brewing452415
Gold Coin5Smithing141511
Red Rupee5Smithing135312
Silver Coin5Enchanting215311
Dragon Tail5Brewing321511
Beetle Wings5Brewing244111

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